Mysteriously People with unbelievable talents


    In your day to day life you come across various people who have basic talents of dancing, singing, cooking and so on. But they are few people who can do much more than that and this is really a magical talent in them.

    Let’s meet with these talented people:


    Orlando Serrell:
    In the year 1973, Orlando was playing baseball when he was in elementary school. At that time a stray ball directly slammed him into the side of his head. But, these not at all faze him, and he continues to play the game. After this moment, he face continue headache for one year that last for hours.

    In the end of the year he come to realize that he can perform excellent calendar calculations, like knowing how many Sundays there were in 1981. With his incredible skill, he able to remember each and every detail, this is called as a hyperthymesia sufferer.

    Most of the people are jealous of his extra skills. These kinds of person focus more than a normal people.


    Thai Ngoc:
    He is a Vietnamese farmer who suffered from a fever in the year 1973,that seemed like nothing severe at first. But when the fever problem gets cleared up, he developed an insomnia bad case. They think that it also go in weeks, and not think about it much. However, over 40 years passed he has not slept.

    How one can imagine that after not sleeping 12,000 nights a person is still living. After all checkups it was only determines that he has few liver problems. He used various remedies for it, but all are unsuccessful.


    Michael Lotito:
    He is a very big entertainer and is popularly known as the Monsieur Mangetout. He is highly famous for eating undigestible items. He can eat glass, metal, rubber and so many other items such as televisions, bicycles. These unusual habits he starts from his childhood and start performing it publically since 1366.


    Zhang Quan:           
    This man is 74 years old, and hoping to enter in the record books. The reason for this is that he can clap as loud as a helicopter. His claps were measure and it was 107decibles, which means only 3 decibels less than a whirling helicopter.


    Dean Karnazes:

    Anyone who too participates in marathons must know that at some point they need to take a small break.  But for Dean Karnazes, it is not at all like this. His muscles allow him to run forever without taking single break.

    Generally human body get some energy from glucose, that also produces lactate. But as you know access of anything is not good. But dean’s body never gets affected by lactate. In the teams all able to do laps but he only performs laps one have to stop him.