I do write My story every day. Each night I sit by the side of my window opens up the diary and asks myself what I did today. Writing my story makes me to remember not only my daily routine but my past too. There are people who like to write their past, present and future on a book of pages filled with the happiness and tears. People who write their experience in life are the writers of my story.

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I do love to talk to myself in the free times of my life. Every day at the night time I open my book which I call as the book my dreams. These types of words are mostly used by the people who write their own story. My story reveals about my dreams, incidents that have faced and I m facing. It is been said that for every alone person books are the best friend. When I do write My story I reveal all my secrets in it. Writing your own story makes you to share with the whole world that is the next one going to read your life story.


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Today none of the individual is ready to write their life story. I do like the most writing my story as it makes me to know all my good quality as well as bad quality. It makes me to think about those days that made me to laugh unstoppably. I do cried and I do laugh but it didn’t stop me to write My story. It is the time when I will become old enough to sit by the side of the window and will think the past days of my life.

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Today, I m here to reveal the truth of my life writing My story. Things that is unknown to people who have played a kind role in my life. And it is been true that I like to write my story.