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Must Watch Movies Of Anurag Basu

Anurag Basu is known for his incredible contribution in the Bollywood industry. He has not only challenged the stereotypical romance in the cinema but also portrayed a wonderful screenplay in his every movie. He has never failed in presenting movies that are full of emotions and life lessons. From being a struggler to a successful director, he justifies that talent and determination can make you achieve anything.

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If you are getting bored and want to watch something deep and meaningful then we have a perfect watchlist for you. Here are the best movies of Anurag Basu which you would surely love to watch.

  • Ludo

Like the game Ludo, this movie also introduces the life of four different characters who are messed up in their own life. Each individual is on a journey of finding love, happiness, and purpose of their lives. The movie not only portrays the journey of four different people but also unfolds the bitter truths about life.

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An amazing screenplay of a combination of suspense, comedy, thrill, life lessons, and some very emotional moments will certainly entertain you. In short, it is a Bollywood movie you will never regret watching.


The 2012 released movie never fails in spreading its magic. It depicts the story of Barfi, a young man, who was betrayed by Shruti, the love of his life. Soon he meets Jhilmil and starts feeling happy with her. Although after six years, he again meets Shruti and ends up developing feelings for her.

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If you think that the movie ends here then you are wrong. This was just a glimpse of the movie. We will surely not ruin your mood by giving you spoilers. To know what happens to Barfi, Jhilmil and Shruti, do watch the full movie as it is worth a watch. 

Life in a Metro

Life in a Metro revolves around the lives of nine different characters who are dealing with their own issues. The movie portrays how each of them learns the true meaning of love in their journey of life. Love, lust, betrayal, guilt, greed, and what not – the movie comprises every emotion and is like a roller coaster ride of feelings. The deep and meaningful dialogues of the movie make the screenplay more admirable.


This romantic thriller drama portrays a dance tutor who thinks money is the solution for every problem. He resides in Las Vegas and marries an immigrant woman to get a green card for her in exchange of money. He then marries another woman with the same intentions but eventually falls in love with her. Kites is a love story that goes beyond the limits to attain passion and affection.

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Aren’t these movies worth a watch? Of Course, they are. So go grab some snacks and enjoy a perfect movie night.

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