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Must Read: These 5 Viruses Are Deadlier Than COVID-19

With the recent outbreak of coronavirus, the majority of the countries are affected by its deadly nature. Economic losses, factory shutdowns, lockdown, and increased mortality rate are common sightings during coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus is affecting people of all age groups. Senior citizens are the most affected group of individuals.

With no vaccine until now, countries are worried about the growing threat of coronavirus to the entire system. However, there are many viruses in the past who had affected more severely to the economies. Moreover, they are defined as deadlier than the novel coronavirus. Let’s look at these viruses one by one.



When the Hepatitis virus hit the countries, as many as 1.50 million people died. Due to Hepatitis, there is an inflammation in the liver tissue. There are various types of Hepatitis. Some of the examples are Hepatitis A, B, C D, And E.

Out of these, Hepatitis b and c are responsible for the majority of the deaths. According to a report by WHO, only 9% of the population have received treatment for this disease.


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MERS stands for the middle east respiratory syndrome. It is also a part of the coronavirus family and mostly found in Saudi Arabia. Though the affected number of people remains very low, however, the high mortality rate makes It dangerous.

The Coronavirus disease has a mortality rate of 2-3% whereas MERS has a 37% mortality rate. The origin of this disease is from camels. As of now, there is no vaccine for MERS.

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This virus originated in 2016 in the western part of Africa and since then it has multiplied significantly in the other parts of Africa as well. According to a report of WHO, 3000 people lost their lives and 5000 were affected by this virus.

Though the number of affected people seems low, its mortality rate is 50%. It means out of 100 affected people, 50 are likely to die. Vaccine generation for this disease is done on an experimental basis.



According to a recent survey conducted in 2019, it was estimated that approximately 38 million people are affected by HIV. More than 30 million people have lost their lives due to this deadly virus. Over a period of time, with multiple experiments, it has become a manageable disease.

The primary treatment of this disease is done with antiretroviral therapy. Despite its vaccine, still, people are getting affected by it.



Rabies is a deadly viral disease that causes inflammation in the brain of humans. The virus spreads to humans through the saliva of animals. To be more specific, animal bite leads to rabies. Rabies has mostly affected children under 18 years of age.

Close to 20,000 deaths have been reported across the globe due to rabies. Asia and Africa remain the most affected continents.

So, if you think that coronavirus is the only virus that is dangerous, then you are mistaken and you will have to read the above diseases.

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