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Mumbai Airport Bans Plastic From October 2nd. Fines start At Rs 5000

In times when everyone is practically shouting at the top of their voices about climate change, Mumbai Airport, in a rather brave initiative goes plastic-free from 2nd October 2019 onwards.
The Mumbai International Airport Limited released a set of guidelines for this ban, under the Government of India.

Mumbai International Airport
Via: Architectural Digest India

In an interview with Times Of India, A Mumbai International Airport spokesperson said:

Mumbai International Airport
Via: Scoopwhoop

The items which are banned include:

less than 200 ml drinking water PET bottles, plastic mineral water pouches, plastic shopping bags with or without handle, single-use disposable items made of thermocol like cups, plates, saucers, spoons and straws, and plastic and thermocol for decoration purposes.

Via: DW

An effort is made to cause as much less inconvenience as possible owing to how deeply things made of plastic have embedded in our lives. Environmentally-conscious items, like steel straws to be put to use in place of plastic straws, carry bags made out of cloth will be used instead of plastic bags, cutlery and other items made of corn starch will be put in use.

Whoever defies the ban will have to pay hefty fines. First-time offenders will be fined an amount of Rs 5000, second-time offenders will have to pay Rs 10,000 and third-time offenders will have to face 3 months imprisonment and Rs 25,000 fine. 


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