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Mukesh Ambani’s Foundation Has Set Up India’s First Dedicated Covid-19 Facility In Mumbai

Supporting the government in the fight against the Corona virus, Reliance Group has set up a 100-bed center in Mumbai. Reliance has claimed that it is the country’s first corona hospital for corona virus patients. Let me tell you, the highest number of corona cases in the country have come from Maharashtra, so far 89 cases of corona have been reported and three people have died. After which curfew has been implemented in the entire state. 

“In a short time-span of just two weeks, Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital in collaboration with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), has set up a dedicated 100-bedded centre at Seven Hills Hospital, Mumbai for patients who test positive for Covid-19.

“This first-of-its-kind-in-India centre is fully funded by Reliance Foundation and includes a negative pressure room that helps in preventing cross-contamination and helps control infection. All beds are equipped with the required infrastructure, biomedical equipment such as ventilators, pacemakers, dialysis machine and patient monitoring devices,” Said by  the oil-to-telecom conglomerate.

Realiance foundation further tweeted:

#RIL is enhancing its capacity to produce 100,000 masks per day & a large number of personal protective equipment’s (PPEs), such as suits & garments, for the nation’s health-workers to equip them further to fight the coronavirus challenge #CoronaHaregaIndiaJeetega

#RelianceLifeSciences is importing additional test kits & consumables for effective testing. Our doctors and researchers are also working overtime to find a cure for this deadly virus #CoronaHaregaIndiaJeetega

Reliance said that all the beds of this hospital are equipped with bio-medical equipment such as ventilators, pacemakers, dialysis machines. Also it says that Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai will also provide quarantine services for passengers coming from other countries.

Reliance industries continue pay temporary workers and contract even if work halted due to coronavirus crisis. It will also offer free fuel for all emergency service vehicles used to transport corona patients.

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Aside this, RIL also decided to assit Government in this fight, by donating Rs 5 Crore to the relief fun.

RIL has today announced initial support of Rs 5 crores to Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. RIL has deployed the combined strengths of Reliance Foundation, Reliance Retail, Jio, Reliance Life Sciences, Reliance Industries, and all the 6,00,000 members of the Reliance Family to fight against COVID-19. RIL is enhancing its production capacities to produce 100,000 face-masks per day and a large number of personal protective equipments for the nation”s health workers to equip them further to fight coronavirus.

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Its a very good step by RIL, hoping more helping hands come and give their contribution.

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