Congress and BJP are locked in a seesaw battle in Madhya Pradesh

mp elections 2018

MP Elections 2018: BJP and Congress locked in a close contest in MP! The stage is all set on fire with controversial outcomes of the Madhya Pradesh elections 2018 which had been grabbing the wholesome limelight in the political arena.

There are interesting trends being represented since morning, eventually changing, and creating state of amazement among all parties and of course, the democracy.

BJP is pacing with a struggling lead of 111 seats against Congress which is keeping up its place competently with 109 seats.

  • Congress member Kamal Nath states “I am fully confident about a win with majority”.
  • Shivraj Singh Chauhan was found to be in the lead against Congress rival Arun Yadav by 2120 seats in Budni.
  • On the other hand, Yashodhara Raje Scindia was leading ion shivpuri.

As per the updates at 9.40 a.m:

  • Krishna Gaur from BJP witnessed a lead in Govinpura.
  • Arun Subhashchandra from Congress, trailing in Budni
  • Congress trailing in Hoshangabad with Sartaj Singh.
  • BJP trailing in Datia with Narottam Mishra.

The results are still uncertain and continually changing. Trends are very close in Madhya Pradesh between congress and BJP.

Every assembly is set to be counted in the order of 14 tables at a time.

Every district headquarter holds on to one counting center, there are total 51.

Anup Pur district from the Kotma assembly constituency has the least counting rounds i.e. 15 while Indore has the most: 5 constituencies with 32 rounds.

While the situations and results are evolving unexpectedly, party members have their own verdict about the same.

More Updates:

Results at 12 Noon: