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Motion to Thanks Debate: PM Modi Made These Sarcastic Remarks on Rahul Gandhi!!

Motion to Thanks Debate: Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a sarcastic remark about Rahul Gandhi during a recent Parliament meeting. PM Modi first thanked the President of India, Draupadi Murmu for her fantastic speech during the Budget Session 2023.

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi recently made controversial remarks on Narendra Modi by criticizing him over his relations with Adani. Furthermore, he also criticized PM Modi on the Indo-China war and disputes between the two countries.

Motion to Thanks Debate: PM Modi’s Comeback

PM Modi recently gave a blissful speech in the Parliament on Wednesday. He slashed Rahul Gandhi with sarcastic remarks during his Motion to Thanks Debate. Here are a few statements that made the speech go viral:

Truth of Hatred

Yesterday, I witnessed a remarkable transformation in the atmosphere after speeches by several individuals. People were visibly pleased, exclaimingYeh hui na baat (this is how it should be)! The hatred they harbored in their hearts was exposed through their words,” Prime Minister Modi commented during the Motion to Thanks Debate.

Strength of Our Country

PM Modi vowed to work towards creating a more equitable and just society where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their potential. He also highlighted the importance of national unity and the need to come together to tackle common issues. He said that India must strive for a better future for all its citizens and that the country’s progress depends on the collective efforts of its people.

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PM Modi Talks About G-20 Presidentship

PM Modi stated that global economies are currently dealing with the aftermath of the Covid19 pandemic, and the world has placed its faith in India. He continued that India is currently presiding over the G20 summit and taking control of its proceedings.

PM Modi on Digital India

Praising India‘s ambitious Digital India plan, PM Modi noted that India‘s digital infrastructure has made considerable progress and the world is now aware of the program. He declared,We used to encounter difficulty in obtaining even the simplest of technologies, but today Digital India is being discussed in global conversations.

Renewable Energy Usage in India

Prime Minister Modi stated that India is currently in third place in terms of energy consumption, which is an indicator of economic growth, and fourth when it comes to the use of renewable energy sources in relation to climate change and energy-saving objectives.

Growth of Startups and Unicorns in India

PM Modi announced in the Lok Sabha during the Motion to Thanks Debate that India has seen the creation of 90,000 startups in the past nine years, making it the third biggest nation in terms of startups. He also noted that even with the Covid19 pandemic disrupting the global economy, India was able to produce 108 unicorns.

PM Modi on Dirty Politics

PM Modi expressed his frustration at the opposition, saying he had been expecting constructive criticism from them for the last nine years to take the country forward, yet all they had done was practice vendetta politics and blame others for their misfortunes. He mentioned that their reaction to not getting the desired results in elections was to blame someone, and when a court ruling didn‘t go their way, they would blame the Supreme Court.

Enforcement Directorate (ED) vs The Opposition

PM Modi made a subtle dig at the opposition and their criticism of the ED‘s raids, noting that it managed to accomplish something senior leaders had been unable to do: unify the opposition. “ED managed to bring this fragmented opposition together,” he remarked during the Motion to Thanks Debate.

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