Woman saves her 18-month old son from the jaws of the leopard

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Showing exemplary fearlessness, a wife and her husband from Maharashtra saved their toddler son from the jaws of a leopard.

The horrific incident happened Thursday night in Dholwad village of Pune District when a sugarcane worker with his husband and their toddler son were sleeping near a sugarcane field.


As per the reports of the Time of India, “At 1.30 am Deepali woke up from the growling of the man-eater with the petrified view of her 18-month-old son being grabbed by the beast by his head”.

“While we were sleeping near our sugarcane field, a leopard took my son at his head and started pulling him. Anticipating the movement, I and my husband woke up and struggled to rescue our son,” said the baby’s mother Deepali Mali.

Deepali saved her toddler from the mouth of the man-eater without thinking twice about her life. She started hitting the leopard and soon the leopard dropped the baby and started biting her, however, Deepali’s husband raised the alarm the man-eater fled and ran away to the nearby fields.

After this incident, Forest officer Vishal Adhagele said, “The forest has been urging the villagers not to sleep in the open and also to keep their domestic animals indoors to avert any leopard attack”.

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Dnyaneshwar( the baby)  suffered injuries on his face and an eye. He is recovering at the hospital.