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Top 10 most insane swimming pools you won’t believe exist!


Unlike Water Slides, Beaches, and Roller Coasters, These Pools are INSANE! Pools so Crazy you wouldn’t believe some of these actually do exist and here are the Top 10 of some new and exciting videos and photos of the world’s top pools.

Singapore Skypark Pool:

Imagine yourself floating in the top rooftop Skypark pool, looking down on the sparkling city-skyline from around 57 levels above.  This is the spectacular spot to take stunning pictures in Singapore!

Devil’s pool in Africa:

The view from this pool is exhilarating. It is situated hundred meter top. One must have a strong heart to swim in this pool.

Numo 33:

A few minutes of freediving and then proper SCUBA diving at Nemo 33,  it is the world’s second deepest indoor pool in Belgium.

Chongwe River House pool in- Africa

From the pool of Chongwe river house, you can not only enjoy swimming experience but also able to see elephants. You can even hear elephants breathing clearly from there.

Grand Wailea water elevator:

This pool is situated in maoi and one of the best pool with excellent water activities. All the slides give you new feel and adventure.

Ubud Hanging Gardens Pools in Bali:

Ubud hanging garden is a stunning luxury hotel and spa.  It has one of the most spectacular swimming pool that hangs out over the huge jungle. This hotel and spa are among the luxurious hotels in the world.

San Alfonso del Mar Resort Pool- Chile:

It is the world’s largest swimming pool even largest then you expect.  It is situated in San Alfonso del Mar Resort. It is also known as “ Lagoon”.

The Tank- Las Vegas:

It is situated in Nugget Hotel and among the exclusive pools in the world.  This pool offers three-story water slides and that offers swimmers safety through a shark tank.

Also visit-Mexico’s Incredible Beach- Need to swim underwater to get to this secret beach

Perivolas Hotel pool- Greece

This hotel pool offers you unforgettable pool experience. The pool is situated on the high cliff where people can take stunning views of Aegean Sea.

Six Senses Yao Noi Pool-

Six senses Yao Noi is a boutique. It is listed among the luxurious hotels and has a stunning pool.

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