Delicious Winter Delicacies You Must Try In India

India is a land of flavorful cuisines and boasts of delicious dishes. Every place has its own special food and in India, the authentic food attracts people from all over the world.

Winters come with a lot of special dishes that can be relished in the chilling weather. Let us have a look at the finger-licking Indian dishes that you cannot miss in Winter.

1. Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa
Via: Archana’s Kitchen

An Indian dessert which is loved by almost everyone. Hot and sweet gajar ka halwa is a saviour in the winter season. It is hard to resist from this Indian delicacy that makes our mouth water. Finely grinded carrot cooked with milk and sugar. This dish is worth the wait.

2. Makki Ki Roti Sarson Ka Saag

Sarso ka saag
Via: Nikita Foods

This dish is very popular in Punjab but now the whole world loves it. Corn flour tortilla and leafy vegetable sarso are good for your health and taste delicious in winter. Add some butter on the top and you are set to gobble it up.

3. Matar Ki Kachori

Matar Kachori
Via: Archana’s Kitchen

In winter the market is flooded with Matar (Peas). This seasonal vegetable is very nutritious and tasty as well. It can be combined with almost any vegetable. However, the matar stuffed filled inside a kachori will definitely make your winter evening very special.

4. Gond Ladoos

Gond Ladoo

Ladoos are an authentic dessert that is prepared in every Indian home. There are many types of ladoos but gond laddoos make our winter most special. Add some dry fruits and make it rich in flavour.

5. Chikki


Jaggery is very good for our health and especially during winters as it helps in keeping the body warm. Jaggery and peanuts mixed together to form a very popular Indian dessert, Chikki.

6. Palak And Methi Pakodas

Palak Pakoda
Via: Archana’s Kitchen

Spicy and crunchy pakoras made with seasonal leafy vegetables Methi(Fenugreek leaves) and palak (Spinach). You can make sweet and spicy sauces to combine with this evening snack. Also, ginger tea would be a great combination with them.

It is the perfect season to grab any of the above Indian food and enjoy it as your morning snack, at afternoon in lunch or evening as your dinner.

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