Morena Court Fines Nestle Maggi With Rs 20 Lakh For ‘Chemical Adulteration’

Maggi is a preferable snack in every Indian home. Every teenager and adult is in love with this easy to cook snack. Maggi won hearts of the people with it’s ‘2-minute’ cooking time tagline and since then we’ve been loyally eating it.

As we have shown our love for the company, the company had some responsibilities for their customers as well. It is very important for a brand to ensure the quality of the food product they are delivering. Any negligence over this can affect the lives of people and can lead to dangerous health issues.

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Maggi Fined For Food Adulteration

Back in 2015, Maggi samples were taken from Prabhu Agency by the Food Department. After the investigation, it was found that the Maggi contained a harmful ingredient MSG. MSG’s are used to enhance the taste of the food but are harmful to us.

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Maggi Restricted To Renew License

On 8th September in Morena in ADM SK Mishra’s court, a fine of 20 lakh was imposed on C&F and the dealer, including Nestle India Ltd. The company was fined for used MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) in Maggi and not mentioning it on the packets. The court has written to the Government that the renewal of the license for this company should be restricted.

Action will be taken against the agency and the retailer. On this basis, the prosecution also accused Nestle India Limited Uttarakhand, Dharmendra Hansraj Kotak Sales Manager New Delhi, Denzil B Lobo Sales Manager Indore and Ajay Khandelwal Gwalior in this case.

Side Effects Of MSG:

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  • According to DD Agarwal, professor of chemistry department of Jiwaji University, MSG is an amino acid extract and is extremely harmful to our health.
  • It leads to kidney infections and heart attack.
  • Adrenal Gland (gland above the kidney) does not function properly due to the consumption of MSG.
  • High blood pressure and obesity are also other health dangers.

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