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Get Over Monday Blues

“Sukoon ke Shikaari Somwar”... These lines from the song “Khoon Choos le” fromGo Goa Gone’ rightly describes how unwelcomed Mondays are. Of course, many of you may be reading this from your desk, sitting at your office. So, how’s your Monday been till now? Well, if your answer is not so ‘good’, let me help you make  it ‘good’.

While you have to find happiness within and besides your 9 hour work schedule, hating Mondays is not really helpful. A good start to the week will improve possibilities of achievements and growth. Finding a solution is inevitable.

How to get over your Monday Blues?

After a long weekend, you may feel stagnant at work. But then, make sure you bring back your will and enthusiasm to work. Here’s how: 

1. Enjoy your Weekend

Monday blues

Come on, weekends  arrive only once a week and you cannot afford to lose it. Grab the greatest piece of fun; move out; show some enthusiasm and do everything that makes you happy. Spending your weekend well will help you relax and feel at ease. 

After a long week’s work and pressure, it is important to give yourself some time to rejuvenate; breathe and let all your worries go away. This way,  when you get back to work on Monday, you can seek fresh new beginnings. 

2. Stay Positive 

Monday blues

Keeping up your positive attitude towards situations, people and things around you is crucial. Although there exist several twists and challenges at work, create your own  positive perspective of looking at things. Stay confident towards achievement of goals

Remember, your attitude towards problems, determines how complex they become. Calm down; take a deep breathe and rather than complaining about how big is your problem, find the most suitable solution to it. 

3. Pre-plan your week 

Monday blues

Prepare a planner for  the week ahead. No, don’t wait for Monday, do it even before you accomplish your weekend plans. Since you will be aware of all the tasks that need to be done, there is less probability of getting overburdened. 

Many of us start the week without having any clues about what needs to be done. Rather than turning your Monday into a black hole, illuminate it with specific tasks  to be done. Getting things on your to-do list will automatically make you excited for them. You will be easily able to pave your way smoothly through the week swaying any mess. 

4. Dress-up your Mood for the Day 

monday blues

Your appearance and dress-up significantly reflect your mood. Not only this, it could be a major help for transforming it. Regardless of how low you feel, consider a vibrant dress-up for the day. Look the best to feel the best.  

As per your schedule and atmosphere you will have at work, pick up one of your favourite outfit and get ready with utmost confidence. Quit the greys if you really want to get over your Monday blues.  

5. Get Inspired 

monday blues

It is good to look around for inspiration every now and then. Considering the examples of others, lets you be clearer about the steps you take ahead towards your goals. Stop getting demotivated. Instead, think and list down your strengths; find people with similar talents and strengths and align your way to success. 

Efforts will surely make things better. Besides finding your inspiration, making improvements is necessary. Improvement will let you attain self-satisfaction and add positivity to your performance charts. 

6. Refresh 

monday blues

Introduce some fun to your work schedule. Take breaks, talk with people around, make friends and create a jovial environment for others too. This will be helpful in dealing with a stressful day. 

Take  a walk at considerable time gaps. This is quite necessary if you work in creative fields. Seek factors and activities that prove to be mood boosters for you and make them a part of your day. 

7. After Work Plans

monday blues

Rather than limiting your day to work, home and travelling in between, do something additional. After finishing off work,  visit your favourite cafe, take your beloved to dinner or watch one of your favourite movies. Make time to catch up with your hobbies. 

Whenever possible, do things that ease all the stress you had to deal with throughout the day. Something exciting to do at the end of the day will have a good impact on your mood and work.  

8. Reward Yourself 

monday blues

Good  work always receives appreciation. But make sure you appreciate yourself. As you tick off the targets for the week, treat yourself with something special. Making it special could be all your way. 

Buy yourself the shoes you loved during window shopping; eat your favourite food; get a spa treatment or take a long nap. Remind yourself of all the strength you carry and be grateful for that. It is important to feel good within yourself. 

9. On your way 

monday blues
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Many of us have a common aspect in our work life that is the long distance between home and office. If this distance is the reason for your fatigue and unwillingness to leave home, consider making it interesting. 

On the way, find a special, positive moment, a place, or a view that makes you feel good. Look around at others and grasp the best things from them. Include lively music in your journey and make a positive start to the day. Make sure your reach office with a positive mood and healthy work vibes. 

You trust these habits to overcome Monday blues. Moreover, Mondays aren’t really gloomy. Your perspective towards the day and attitude can make it entirely different. Have a great Monday! 

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