Modi Accepts defeat, Congratulates Congress and Rahul Gandhi

election 2018 result

PM Modi finally reacts on the results of the assembly elections 2018. He stated that victory and defeat would always remain integral parts of life and all results shall be accepted by BJP with absolute humility.

Along with his gratitude to BJP workers, PM Modi also congratulated Congress for their victory. He said and promised to work better to meet the expectations of the voters.



He also congratulated all other winners in the elections, extending wishes to KCR Garu for thumping their win in Telangana and MNF (Mizo National Front) for the great victory in Mizoram. In his tweets, Modi states clearly his intentions to work till the best possible limits for the good of the nation and its people.

Rahul Gandhi on the other hand state in his speech on Tuesday that he has “learned a lot” from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And the Lok Sabha elections 2014 taught him “what to do and what not to”.

Further, in his speech, Rahul says though the Prime Minister got a massive mandate, he refused to listen and consider the “heartbeat of the country”. Rahul‘s conference after Congress’ win over three major Hindi heartland states Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan.

2014 elections helped him learn a lot and it was probably the best event that took place for him. Out of all the aspects learned, humility was the greatest, he says.

He further speaks about the greatness of India and that what people feel here is equally great. Listening to others and establishing healthy connectivity with them is really important for a politician he said.

Rahul says, since the last five years, Modi had a huge public support and the vast country to transform but he refused to pay attention to what the youngsters and farmers urged to express. The 48-year-old Congress Chief says “arrogance is fatal for a politician”.

Rahul Gandhi
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As another major consideration at the conference was about the question upon was Congress now looking forward to a ‘BJP mukt Bharat’ too! Answering this, Rahul says, the party’s motive as to defeat them and not free the nation from anyone.

“We have defeated them now and will defeat them in 2019” he adds. The party chief congratulated and appreciated the work of other members too.

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