MIT’s new Mini Cheetah robot can do backflips

MIT Cheetah robot

As per the latest technology news, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed a Cheetah robot which is already an advanced mechanical version of the violent animal.

In all together a new avatar, it’s even more advanced with an add-on capability of “backflips”.

As per the new technology updates, MIT researchers have developed a new Mini Cheetah that is capable of a number of moves, including backflips. It is the first four-legged robot to perform a stunt like this.

This new Mini Cheetah also has the capability of walking upside-down, much like the horror of the onlookers. It can lift itself after falling and hurry at a speed of 5.5mph on difficult terrain.

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Regardless of the correctness, the Mini Cheetah paved the way for rapid automation with potential applications at war front, natural disasters, or even construction sites.