Ministry Of Commerce & Industry Notifies How Things Will Work Post Lockdown

From 23.03.2020, the country is under lockdown to break the chain of Covid-19. However, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued clarifications from time to time on allowed activities to ensure that the necessary supplies are not affected.

Apart from that, certain more activities should be allowed once a Central Government will make a final decision regarding nature and extension of lockdown. The activities play an important role in eliminating economic crisis and provide liquidity in the hands of the people. The suggestions have been taken according to the honorable CIM with the various industry bodies and States, and the feedback received by DPIIT and DoC from various sources.

So, Let’s Look What Should Be Allowed After Lockdown:


Industries which will be permitted to operate must have the following:

  • Good space for maintaining social distancing
  • Single entry points for workers
  • Provide transportation facility for ferrying workers or stay arrangements in factory premises
  • Regular sanitization with high-quality sanitizer
  • District and State authorities should ensure regular and strict observance of these conditions

2. Movement of all manpower and vehicles should be permitted for continuing the activities permitted so far under various MHA notifications that need to be allowed by all government authorities concerned with the movement of material and man. People are struggling with plenty of problems on this, and therefore MHA should allow free movement of manpower, and vehicles in these sectors need to be done.

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3. Big companies with proper distancing norms and proper sanitation in place in sectors such as automobiles, textiles and electronic manufacturing (may be considered to start with 20% to 25% capacity in single shift)

4.Those MSMEs/ companies with export commitment should be permitted to start with the necessary movement of material and minimal power as a new entity. Moreover, the concerned authorities may check the export allow and commitments while granting passes.

5. Industries that mention below may be permitted to operate with proper sanitation and minimum manpower as well as distancing safeguards/norms on a single shift basis:

  • Heavy electrical items like circuit vehicles and transformers
  • Telecom equipment and components
  • Compressor and Condenser units
  • Ginning and Spinning mills, power looms
  • Defence and defence ancillary units
  • Pulp and paper units
  • Cement plants
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Dyes and Paints manufacturing
  • Seeds processing units
  • Plastic manufacturing units

If all the above industries will operate, then it is the responsibility of district authorities to check and ensure that all the industries adhere to safety, distancing norms, and sanitation.

6. Industries with the nature of consistent production like mining, power, and steel, etc. are already operated under lockdown according to MHA Guidelines and should continue to be allowed.

7. Construction and Housing sectors need to be allowed if all the labourers stay at the sites with all safeguards and facilities. Contractors will provide sanitation, safety, and distancing norms.

8. All transport vehicles of all sizes, whether intra- city, intra-State, inter-State, need to be allowed.

9. Timber, wood, and plywood based industry provide packaging material to pharma companies. These should also be allowed by the State authorities.

10. The Glass industry and foundry may be allowed with minimal manpower. It is essential to keep continuous recycling mode with minimal power.

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11. Customs and banks should accept digital documents under bonds. They also not insisting on the original papers which be produced after the lockdown.

12. All activities related to agriculture production, inputs, sale, and Agro-chemicals.

To conclude, these are the notifications made by the Ministry Of Commerce & Industry.

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