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Keep Calm & Chill: This minimal wearable is a wristwatch that helps you relax

If you are having a rough day, Doppel wearable is exactly what you need. The wristwatch lookalike made its debut at the ongoing CES 2019 in Los Angeles.

The Doppel wearable is unlike other wrist wearables. It doesn’t show you the time or disturb you with pesky notifications. Instead, its whole purpose is to calm you down with slight vibrations in the same rhythm like a heartbeat, Engadget reported.

Doppel Wearable


However, the vibration rate is slower than a resting heart rate which is exactly what its intended purpose of the wearable is. You can choose to set up different rhythms for different moods through a connected app. To switch between the patterns, you can touch the front of the wearable. The cost for Doppel wearable is USD 219.

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