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Microsoft To Unbundle Teams From Office; Stuck In Regulatory Case

The regulatory concerns of the European Union have now eventually pressurized Microsoft to disintermediate Teams from Office. Before this, the firm has tied up a partnership service with the Microsoft Office group to fight Slack. 

As per the reports of the Financial Times, the company is attempting to initiate the official European Union us trust interrogation. The firm has been struggling with its biggest regulatory concerns for more than 10 years. 

Microsoft Tie-Up With Teams


Microsoft has tied up Teams with the Microsoft Office group in an attempt to draw more users to the platform. This is a great start for the company, but it basically kills a good user experience. When users download the Microsoft Office group, they will have to purchase Teams to keep things going and smoothly running.  

With this step, firms and persons will be allowed to purchase Office without Teams. They will also get the option to purchase Microsoft Teams with Office. Till now, we aren’t sure how this will go on, as the firm is still having words with EU regulators

Furthermore, we do not have even a hint if the deal will work. 

The company has been fighting with the Slack for past some days. In 2020, a regulatory complaint of the European Union was filed to pressurize the company to sell Teams independently from the Office group.

The general counsel of Slack stated that “We ask the European Union to be a neutral judge, review the facts and force the law.”

Regulatory Case Over Microsoft


Microsoft is now experiencing its first regulatory case in the past ten years. The firm accepted the settlement with the European Commission in 2009, in which it accepted the offer of its European clients a choice of web browsers. 

After this in 2013, the firm was fined €561 million for not succeeding to comply with the settlement regulations.

In all of this, the firm has been warm in its replies. The company reveals, 

“We are aware of our commitments in the European Union as a great technology firm. We carry on to cooperate with the Commission in its interrogation and are open to practical solutions that address its worries and serve clients also.”

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