Microsoft Plans To Be Carbon Negative By 2030

Carbon effects are seen in the environment and the harmful effects are very obvious for the activities done by us. Carbon has layered on the atmosphere covering it like a blanket and the effects are catastrophic. The emissions are not being controlled as a result the climate and temperature changes are hampering nature.

The changes are increasing day by day and climate is rising every year. The problems are many but the solutions are rare. Microsoft has taken a great initiative to reduce its carbon footprints.

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Microsoft by 2030 will be carbon negative, and by 2050 it promises to erase all the carbon footprints the company has created. Microsoft was founded in 1975 since these years have deteriorated the climatic conditions, the company has decided to give Earth a carbon-free atmosphere.

The climate experts have announced the urgency to save Earth. It has requested to remove as much carbon as it emits. People should take some serious actions and we must reach “Net Zero” emissions.

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Steps Taken By Microsoft

Microsoft along with its consumers will make some changes in the technology used to reduce the effect of carbon footprints. The annual report will publish the sustainability reports of the progress.



1. Changing Our Methods

The technologies we use and the calculations we do will make sure that we reduce the carbon effect at every step.

2. Investing In Good Technologies

We ensure to invest in technologies that will not leave a carbon footprint. In 2030 we want to be a carbon-negative company.

3. Creating Awareness

Creating awareness around the globe about the harmful effects of carbon on our nature. Empowering people to go carbon negative will be one major step taken by Microsoft.

Microsoft has taken a step and is fulfilling its social responsibility. Are you?

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