Microsoft And Oracle To Create Vaccination Passport In Collaboration With Mayo Clinic

Health organizations are working in collaboration with government to execute the covid vaccination drive successfully. But the biggest challenges lie in maintaining the immunization records, both for individuals and organizations involved in the drive.

Vaccination Credential Initiative has come up with a solution to record and verify the immunization details of individuals. They are working on Smart Health Cards that will store all the records in a digital wallet which can be accessible easily from smartphones.

Biggest tech firms like Microsoft and Oracle are now the part of this initiative and working  on vaccination passports.

Digital Health Passport- A Proof Of Covid-19 Shot

vaccination passport
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A month ago, international airline companies said that they would soon allow only those passengers with CommonPass. It is a digital health pass given to those tested negative in covid test.

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Moreover, the pass won’t only work as an entry to flights or abroad but also to other public places, events, and concerts.

The pass would have more features like QR code for verification and accessibility. A free app would be developed to access these credentials and provide information regarding vaccination status.

The UK Government is working in collaboration with Mvine and iProov to create such health passports.

It is a great initiative by the health organizations and tech firms however, privacy concerns and wide accessibility of such passports are raising concerns over VCI’s initiative.

On the other hand, having a digital health pass would help organizations identify those  making false claims of vaccination. So, this collaboration and initiative would be beneficial for everyone provided the user’s data is safe.


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