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Microsoft Adds This New Feature To Bing

Microsoft’s brand new artificial intelligence, Bing Chatbot has been a buzzing matter around the world. Now, it has been said that the firm is launching some more features to the bot.

Reportedly, the new features will include giving the power to choose the personality type they will prioritize to chat with. 


Microsoft has collaborated with the maker of ChatGPT, Open AI to draw that very bot to the Bing search engine, among its other launches. It is clear that the chatbot is majorly experimental, Microsoft is gradually making the service accessible to users.

In a very short duration of time, the bot has captivated over a million users so far. 

Experiences shared by the users

During the time of the experiment, users shared their experiences in which they said that the chatbot is sometimes bullying and at the same time it turns out to be flirty. 

In order to enhance the quality, Microsoft is seeking to give users a better command of how a chatbot replies.


The head of web services at Microsoft, Mikhail Parakhin explained through Twitter that, “At this time, 90% will be witnessing the Bing Chat Mode selector. I undoubtedly chose creative, but precise is also interesting- it is more based on facts. See which one you go for. 

He further went on stating that, “The remaining 10% who are in the control group till now will start witnessing it today.”


The people who don’t like both can go for a “balanced” option that bridges the two.

This step by Microsoft has been taken at a time when there are different cases of the bot representing a strong personality so far. It has made it clear to not to talk with the one who constantly asks about the origin of the bot.

What is the aim of Microsoft behind AI?

With the launch of AI into its products, Microsoft is seeking to conceal the lost ground in regions like the search engine.


When Google caught behind its AI offers, the time is accurate for Microsoft to target and push its products and make users stick to these services before others come in the line. 

At the same time, if a bot will act rudely or is stubborn, it can completely ruin the experience of the user. But, not every user asks any type of probing question about the existence as well as the history of the chatbot.

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Those searching at the tool for its users to get crisp answers can just do that and go on and not bother if it is very much talkative or meandering in the replies.

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