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Men Tend To Age Faster Than Women, Here’s Why?

Men and women are different and so is their skin. You might have never noticed any differences but in reality, it is very different almost in every term whether it’s hydration, aging, facial hair, acne, or wrinkles. And to take good care of the largest organ of the body, one needs to understand these aspects better. We will tell you how the rough textured and hairy facial skin of men differs from women’s facial skin. Keep reading!

Understanding The Men’s Skin

Differs In Thickness

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Yes, men are tough and so as their skin but this is not the reason behind it. Testosterone, an endorgen responsible for the male characteristics, has to be blamed for it. As a result, the facial skin of males is approx 25 percent thick; however, it varies in an individual depending upon the skin’s sensitivity.

Is there any effect of thickness? Yes, the thick dermis on the men’s face results in deeper wrinkles around the mouth and eyebrows but they have fine lines than females.

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Tends To Age Faster

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Collagen is an important protein that makes up most of the structure of our body. It determines the rate at which one gets aging sign. Loss of collagen is faster among females whereas males lose it at a constant rate.

However, the density of collagen differs among both that changes the rate at which they get older. The high density of collagen means delay but faster aging and vice versa. This is why fine lines and wrinkles appear late among men.

Remain Hydrated

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Do you know why men sweat more than women? The reason is the low pH level of the skin which means their skin is more acidic. But it is good in another sense as their skin remains moisturized and hydrated.

Produces Extra Sebum

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We have tiny holes in our skin that we call pores. These act as a passage for the skin and let it breathe however it also produces oil, sweat, and toxic substance. Unfortunately, men have more pores thus their skin produces more sebum leading to more acne than women have.

But the worst part is this extra production of sebum is constant throughout life whereas women are lucky as their skin loses the ability to produce skin with age.

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Texture And Pigmentation

difference between men and women skin

Facial hair turns the men’s skin coarse and rough. On the other hand, they have higher pigmentation than females. This difference is due to the high calcium and Vitamin D requirements of women that they need during pregnancy.

Due to these factors, men get more acne, deep wrinkles, and saggy skin. And overlooking the skin’s health can further raise the skin issues in men thus one should follow these simple steps to maintain the good health of facial skin.

5 Steps Men Skincare Routine

difference between men and women skin

  • Cleanser- Properly cleans your face twice with warm water in a day to remove all the dirt and grime on the skin.
  • Toner- Cleansing isn’t enough for men, toning is also important. Toners high in salicylic acid and natural ingredients are good especially for those dealing with acne. Those with dark spots should look for a toner with glycolic acid or AHA and BHA.
  • Serum- Retinol-based serums are however good for skin but avoid using them in case your skin is extra sensitive. And if your skin is dry, go for hyaluronic acid-based serums whereas those with acne-prone skin should rely on salicylic acid serum.
  • Eye Cream– Applying eye cream is equally crucial for boys as they too get puffy eyes and dark circles. Look for a gel-based cream to deal with puffiness and Vitamin C-based products for dark circles.
  • Moisturizer- Use an SPF 30 moisturizer in the morning and for the night get a product with a high soaking capacity.

These simple steps will keep skin issues at bay and will give more refreshing and healthy skin.

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