Meghan Markle Epic Reply To Being Called ‘Fat’

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Meghan Markle Epic Reply To Being Called ‘Fat’: Seems like even the Royals have awkward stuff to handle. On a recent visit of Meghan Markle to an animal welfare organization, she was called a ‘fat lady’. Though, the Duchess of Sussex’s reply was nothing short of perfect.

As per the sources, on Wednesday, The Duchess of Sussex paid a visit to staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries at one of her four new patronages, Mayhew, an animal welfare organization that works for improving the lives of dogs, cats, and people locally and internationally.

The royal was seen in a chic monochromatic look including a cashmere coat layered over a maternity beige knit dress accompanied with nude heels and a light brown handbag.

Meghan met with the volunteers and those stricken by Mayhew’s work, however, one bold compliment caught her attention.

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One woman named as McEachrom said, “What a lovely lady you are. May God bless you.”

McEachrom also added, “And you’re a fat lady!” She referred to the Duchess of Sussex’s growing baby bump. Meghan responded with a big laugh, “I’ll take it!”

People reported that McEachrom also predicted the gender of Meghan and Prince Harry’s baby.  She said that “Glad to see you so well. You’ll soon be having a little baby boy!”

In reply toMcEachrom words, Meghan responded saying, “Oh, you think it’s going to be a boy? It’s a surprise. We don’t know what we’re having. I ask everyone what they think, and everyone has a very strong opinion about it.”

During the visit, Meghan, who herself is an animal lover, had seen many projects by the charity to give her contribution to the lives of animals to get better and people and to help both communities in London and at international level. Meghan was also caught holding one of the rescue’s pups.

Interestingly, before shifting to London, Meghan had two rescue puppies at her home in Toronto. Harry and Meghan, both have also gotten their own dog together.

The Royal Couple, who got hitched at Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel on May 19 and are expecting their first child in 2019, gave a slight update on Meghan’s pregnancy and revealed that she was six months pregnant and her due date is at the end of April or early May.

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