Matching Pedicures With Your Dog Is The New Fashion Trend

Dogs are no doubt humans best companions, and their duo gets along very well. From posing together to get the perfect cute picture to getting pedicures done, dogs are following their hoomans quite nicely.


Dog parents would not leave their doggos alone and would share every activity with them. These days dog parents and their dogs are getting a paw-adorable pedicure done.

Check out the adorable pictures people shared after their pedicure.

1. Some glittery twinning

2. Some colours to celebrate the pride


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We got our toes done to celebrate #pridemonth #pride🌈 #straightally #lgbtq🌈 Thank you @princesspawdicure for making such great polish, mommy used 3 of your colors to do both of our toes❤️, and other brands for the rest😁 We love their polishes because they are safe and it did dry in less than a minute!!! 💖💖 We also love that it has no Scent and it’s Non-toxic! #nontoxicnails #petnails #petnailpolish #dognails #dognailpolish #princesspawdicure #princesspawdicurenailpolish #lovedogs #dogsofinstagram #chihuahuasofinstagram #dogs #dogfashionista #dogstagram #doglovers #cute #chihuahua #pridenails #cute #organicnails #dogoftheday #paws #bluepaws #doggy #instacute #dogfashion

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3. Sparkling with Momma

4. Subtle choice #matching

5. Competing with my equally shaped nails


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Jovi liiiiike pedicure too #bulldogsofinstagram #frenglishbulldog #dogpedicure

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6. We take pedicures together, and flaunt them like a pro

7. Just trying on some nail art. Looks fun!


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July 4th Sale on Summer Dog Spa Products

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8. Mumma doggo matched the trend very well

9. How wonderful my nails look. I’m amazed!

10. Watermelon in my tummy and now on my nails too.


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Some amazing nail art from @anais_hayden

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11. Experimenting with the new style

Aren’t these paw-dicures simply adorable?

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