Marvel Just Released ‘The Infinity Saga’ Trailer And We Can’t Stop Gushing About Reliving Every Epic Moment Of A Two Decade long Journey!

“What a world…. Universe actually “

Reflecting on the Marvel Universe completing phase 3, in a two-decade-long journey, this is the best way they could’ve culminated the trailer!
Yeah folks, Marvel has released ‘The Infinity Saga’ Trailer which encompasses all the all 20+ films, extras, easter eggs, deleted scenes and much more!

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Have a look at the trailer here:

The journey of all the 20+ movies, terminating in the sweet torture of Endgame, the ‘Infinity Saga‘ series will soon come out in the form of an entire box set. The trailer was showcased earlier today at SDCC 2019.

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The trailer includes every high point of MCU films so far, be it Iron Man building his first suit to Thor getting his hammer and so much more!

Amidst speculations of Iron Man and Spider-Man making a comeback, the trailer has sure struck hard on nostalgia!

Time for Marvel-Movie-Marathon baby!


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