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Logic Pro And Final Cut Pro Are Now Accessible On The Apple iPad

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad were just released by Apple, allowing musicians and video producers to work more efficiently while on the road. 

Both apps, which were enhanced to take advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch capabilities, will be accessible on May 23 as subscription-based services on the Apple App Store.

Final Cut Pro

Logic Pro On Apple

The new touch interface of Final Cut Pro for the iPad, which resembles a jog wheel, makes the entire video editing process more simple and quick. The Magnetic Timeline can also be used to manipulate clips and do frame-accurate changes with a single tap.

Users may use the Apple Pencil to directly write and draw on top of video material thanks to the Live Drawing function.  

If you have an iPad Pro with M2, you can utilise the perform Pencil hover feature to swiftly skin and preview video without touching the screen, while Reference Mode is useful if you want to accurately perform colour grading. The Magic Keyboard from the Smart Keyboard Folio is also compatible with the app.

The Pro Camera Mode will allow video producers to capture high-quality films in either portrait or landscape orientation, monitor audio, view the amount of time that may be spent filming, and adjust settings like focus, white balance, and exposure. 

Additionally, users of Multicam Video Editing can quickly flip between viewpoints while synchronising and editing recordings.

Logic Pro


Apple has enhanced Logic Pro to take advantage of the touchscreen features of the device. Music producers can play virtual instruments, move through complicated projects, and swipe to scroll by using gestures. It contains Plug-in Tiles that make it simple to shape sounds. 

The programme supports Apple Pencil motions and key commands for anyone using a Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio, just like Final Cut Pro does.

A library of audio patches, instrument patches, plug-in presets, samples, and loops can be found in the Sound Browser. Producers can cut or re-create audio samples into playable instruments using Quick Sampler, while consumers can programme basslines, percussion patterns, and melodies using Step Sequencer.

It even contains a mixer with a tonne of features, including plug-ins, channel strips, pan knobs, and volume faders.

Pricing for Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro


Both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are available on the iPad for a free trial period of one month from Apple. Users can import or export their creations to and from Mac using both programmes. 

Logic Pro needs an A12 Bionic or later, although Final Cut Pro can be used on iPad devices with an M1 chip or later. The apps will be priced at Rs 499 per month or Rs 4,999 per year and made available on the App Store on May 23.

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