Locust Swarms Attack Madhya Pradesh, Watch How Police Is Keeping Them Away

Locust swarms have invaded in many parts of India harming crops and creating inconvenience. The crisis in the pandemic has been added by the locust which grasshopper-like insects.

These locusts flew to Madhya Pradesh and in Panna district, the Police and fire dept blew horns and sirens to keep scaring them.

Agriculture Officer of Panna said:

“The locusts rested in Panna Tiger Reserve yesterday where they feasted upon wild plants and trees. This saved the loss of agricultural crops here. The way to prevent them from damaging crops is to create loud noises or to spray insecticides.”

See in the video how the sirens are being used to scare the locust and keep them away from invading farms.

Locust swarms covered 20 districts of Rajasthan over the past weeks and moved into Madhya Pradesh. After affecting several parts of the state, now these swarms are entering Uttar Pradesh, where the authorities have issued a warning for 11 districts.

Here are some visuals of the locust attack in different parts of India:

Some parts of India have already deployed drones to keep a close watch on these locusts in North India.

Every year the locust enters the country but this year it has been worst. In the past 27 years, this year has been the worst hit by locust swarms.

Jhansi District Magistrate on this event said:

“This is an emergency, and we need to remain vigilant. This swarm has come travelling through Iran, Pakistan, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Two days ago, a large number of locusts were killed following spraying of chemicals,”

Hope this ends soon.

Meenal Fadnavis
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