Lockheed Martin denies Pak’s claims to sue India over shooting down F-16


Lockheed Martin India has rubbished denounced claims by a senior official in Pakistan’s Information Minister’s office that it was going to file India for “unlawfully claiming” that an Indian Air Force MiG-21 had shot down an F-16 in a dogfight in Kashmir.

The claim was said by Danyal Gilani, Director in the Information Minister’s office and chairman of Pakistan’s Central Film Board in a tweet.

Lockheed Martin has made no such comments,” tweeted the Indian subsidiary of the United States F-16 fighter aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin in its March 1 reply to a tweet by Gilani, which he removed subsequently.

Lockheed Martin has made no such comments.

— Lockheed Martin India (@LMIndiaNews) March 1, 2019
Gilani’s original tweet had reportedly referred to a website which also said that Lockheed Martin had shown annoyance over the Indian claims and had confirmed that all the Pakistani F-16s were accounted for.

After Lockheed Martin India refuted Gilani’s claims, Pakistan’s former Press Secretary to PM deleted his tweet and even thanked Lockheed Martin.”Thank you @LMIndiaNews. I acknowledge the statement is wrongly attributed to you. I picked it from a website. I take it back.  However, I stand by Govt of #India’s failure to prove it downed a #Pakistani F-16. Indian media & journalists have caught #Indian govt disinformation.”

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At a joint media conference in New Delhi on Thursday, senior officers of the three armed forces had stated that Pakistan used multiple F-16 aircraft to target military establishments in India on Wednesday.

They had too presented proof of the AIM-120 missile fired by the F-16 in the Indian territory.