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Lockdown Violation: Stone Pelting In The Red Zone Of West Bengal

Kolkata: Another shameful incident of attacking policemen is coming from the Howrah, West Bengal. The Tikiapara in Howrah district is the place where the whole incident took place.

A mob was seen attacking policemen who reached the spot to ensure lockdown. They have received the news that few people are gathering in a local market. Since lockdown, the government announced that there will be no mass public gathering in any state. And nobody should violate the lockdown.

mob attacked policemen

To ensure this, when the policemen reached the spot, people started throwing stones at them. Not only this, but they have also brutally beaten up the policemen. Even two police vehicles are damaged by the mob.

The conditions went out of control until a large police contingent reached. Now, all the injured policemen are in the local hospital for treatment. All the faces of violators have been identified now. The police commissioner Kunal Aggarwal further said, they will take serious actions against all those people.

Furthermore, he requested everyone to stay at home and follow government orders. Lockdown is for their safety and everyone has to cooperate to ensure its efficacy.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee ordered the district administration to ensure complete lockdown in all the hotspots areas. Lockdown should be strictly followed so as to convert that zones soon in the Green Zone category, she said.

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The attack on policemen was condemned by the Rajib Banerjee, a Trinamool Congress leader. Furthermore, a tweet from the BJP came on this incident saying it was her loyal voters who have attacked the policemen. West Bengal has around 697 confirmed cases of covid-19 and 20 deaths.

The condition of State is alarming to which CM said strict lockdown should be ensured. Those who violate the order will get stringent punishment.

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