Live cricketer death video during match in kerala

20-year old cricketer passed away during match


Again There is a case of death of the cricketer during a local match in Kasargod In Kerala. The video of this incident is getting viral enough.


CRICKETER DIES ON-FIELD IN KERALAIn a shocking incident, a cricketer in Kasaragod in Kerala died on-field after suffering from a cardiac arrest. Deceased cricketer has been identified as 20-yr-old Padmanabh. Tragic incident took place during underarm cricket league. case has been registered in Manjeshwara Police Station.

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The video clearly shows that the player suddenly falls on the field. The 25-year-old cricketer is being named Padmanabh. The cause of the accident is being described as a heart attack. Before the attack came, Padmanabh was ready for bowling. At the same time, before he was taken to the hospital, he died.


It’s not the first time when any cricket team member die in a field. There were so many die incidents in the field of cricket some are due to heart attacks and some are due to injury. Let me take you through those incidents that moans the nation for a while.

Wasim Raja- 2006:


Wasim represented Pakistan during his career and went on to become ICC match referee. But while playing for surrey over 50s he suffered from a heart attack and he eventually die son the field.

Abdul aziz 1949:


He was playing as a wicket keepers in Karachi domestic match. During the match he was hard hit in the chest while batting and was declared death on the spot.

George summer- 1870


He was same as other players struct on the head at the time of batting. It was really the saddest moment on the cricket field at that time. After 4 days he die of his injury.

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