Life story: describing or sharing experience and facts of life


    The life story is those stories which define your story of your life. It describes your experience, achievement, and movements of your life that a person has felt in his / her life.

    Life story shows the phase of a person’s life which includes basic facts about education, relationships, family, and achievement or might be death also if a person does not exist. It defines all the facts, movements and experiences of a person’s life cycle. It reveals out all the life events of a person in the form of a story.

    These stories are based on the real-life experience of a person that he/she have faced in their life, and the content of these type of stories are real and original.  It portrays the real or deep description of a person’s life cycle.

    The life story is related to the history of a person’s life, and it reveals all the movements of their life that he/she have felt. This gives a whole detailed and each and every movement of life regarding their past, present or future of his/ her life.

    This story mostly motivates and inspires you from a person’s life and conveys a moral value to the reader or the listener. It also enhances a great impact on the mind of the people who are reading or listening to a story.

    The story is based on that person who is describing his / her story, and that person is the main character or main role in the story. The story is moving around the main character, the person on which this story is typically based.

    Life story mainly consists of the real-life story of a person which a person shares all his feelings, movements, incidence, activities that are happened in his/her life.