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Life Lessons From The Harry Potter Series!

Hello, Potter heads! Recognize this word? Well, if you don’t let me tell you about Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry in the magical world of Harry Potter.
The Harry Potter series written by J K. Rowling is quite popular among all age groups and has also been made into the movies.
But what makes it so interesting? Well, it’s the magic, the characters and most importantly the things it taught us.

Here are some major life lessons from this amazing Harry Potter universe:

You don’t have to stick with toxic people including your family


Harry Potter
Via: Harry Potter

Harry lived with Dursleys who always mistreated him regularly. But, as Harry grew up he started standing up for himself and didn’t tolerate their toxic behaviour.
You don’t have to tolerate any toxic behaviour no matter where it comes from after all family is formed by love, not blood.

You choose your own family

Harry Potter
Via: Screen Rant

By family, I mean the people who are not blood-related but instead who will be there for you and will support you at the time of crisis.
Harry never had much of a family but he chose his own family that is the Weasleys, Hermione and Dumbledore’s army. Hogwarts was his home. You can find your home in your loved ones too.

Conquer your fears

Harry Potter
Via: Cleveland.com

Neville Longbottom is a character who was always afraid and timid but soon enough he gathered all his courage and fought his fears and became an important part of Dumbledore’s army. Fighting your fears requires a lot of courage but you will have to fight them to grow and be your truest fearless self.

Love conquers all

Harry Potter
Via: Superhero-Therapy.com

Even though Harry’s parents died their love didn’t. His mother’s sacrifice out of this strong emotion saved his life from the deathly curse. Even Snape protected Harry till his last breath out of pure love. Love is a powerful emotion and it can never be lost only felt.

It’s okay to be a misfit

Harry Potter
Via: Odyssey

Frizzy hairs, rabbit teeth, old robes or be it a lightning scar the most important characters were the misfits. They were not a popular group but still managed to save the world. The most important thing is to be truly comfortable with your self and to accept your beautiful self. After all, great minds never fit into the ordinary crowds.

Books are very powerful

Harry Potter
Via: POPSUGAR Middle East

I’m not only talking about the book of monsters who were Powerful enough to bite you, but I’m also talking about every book that teaches you something. Hermione knew the secret and see how she filled her world with Adventures. All the characters knew the importance of education which led them to a life full of adventures.

You choose who you are

Harry Potter
Via: Portugal Confidential

There is dark and light inside of you. Both co-exist side by side and you can choose anything for yourself. It’s not your past or your situations which define you, it’s you who have to make the choice. So, choose wisely!

These are the things that we have learned, what about you?

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