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Let’s Break Stereotypes! 7 Things That Are Completely Okay For Men To Do!

We all live in a world full of opinionated people who believe that the only right thing is what they believe in. With this belief comes all the stereotypes that men have faced for a long time. From being teased for wearing pink to the “men don’t cry” speeches, men have accepted these stereotypes as their reality.

I say “No More!”. Let’s stand together and smash these stereotypes down once and for all.

Here are things that are completely okay for me to do!

Men Can Wear Pink!

Men Can Wear Pink
Via: The Fashion For Men

From childhood, we are told that pink is for girls and blue for boys. But ask yourself this one question before you mock another man for wearing a pink t-shirt. Who assumed all of this? Even when the world has evolved so much, men still face this stereotype everywhere they go. Imagine laughed at for wearing the colour of your choice!

Men Do Feel Pain!

Men Do Feel Pain
Via: TheHopeLine

There is a popular saying that “Mard Ko dard nhi” that is men do not feel pain. So eventually when a boy grows up he is taught to hide his pain or he will somehow lose his masculinity. It’s such a pity that even today men hide their emotional pain from their loved ones because of this stereotype. I think it’s high time, that we teach our young kids how to express the pain in a healthy way.

Men Can Complement Other Men!

Men Can Complement Other Men
Via: Mantelligence

Just like a woman complimenting another woman is okay! It’s completely okay for men to do the same. Don’t hold yourself back because homophobes call you gay. Men often hold themselves back from doing so only out of fear to be teased. *Such unfunny jokes*

Men Can Cry!

Men Can Cry
Via: Yahoo News Singapore

Both men and women can cry, what are these tear glands for? Men who cry are often assumed to be weak and sensitive which is totally untrue because the strongest person is the one who can express himself or herself truly without the fear of judgment. So the next time you feel like crying, don’t hold yourself back because of something an emotionally weak person said.

Men Can Care About Their Skin Too!

Men Can Care About Their Skincare Too
Via: FashionBeans

Men are often laughed at for using beauty products and for applying face masks because for some people skincare is not important. I think skincare is gender-neutral and no one can judge any man for caring about his own skin. So, go ahead try that makeup product you wanted and use that relaxing face mask. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Not Liking Sports Doesn’t Make A Man Less Manly!

Not Liking Sports Doesn't Make A Man Less Manly
Via: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Sports and men have been linked for generations. It is believed that men love sports and would choose to watch a sport rather than a romantic comedy. But just because the majority of the crowd loves something, doesn’t mean you have to love it too!

Men Always Have To Make The First Move!

Men Always Have To Make The First Move
Via: Hindustan Times

Every romantic movie and t.v. series shows men making grand gestures and the first move to impress their love. But why do men always have to make the first move? In this modern world don’t wait around for a guy to make the move, go and write your own story.

Are you tired of facing all these stereotypes? Well, not anymore. It’s high time to shatter them!

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