Lemon Price Reaches Rs 400/Kg in India, Netizen Remembers 3 Idiots’ Dialogue

As the temperature is rising, the price of lemons is increasing too. It is now sold at Rs 400 per Kg in 6 cities of India. That tiny yellow sour fruit that once used to be complimentary is now more expensive than most fruits like apples and oranges.

For nimbu-pani lovers and lemon pickle lovers, this summer is going to be boring as their mom might not shop for them. A common man has to think twice before buying even a half kg of lemons.

The icing on the cake is a rise in petrol, and CNG price in India. Meanwhile, meme makers are serving you absolutely for free; let’s have a reality-check of the situations of every common man in India through these hilarious memes on lemon price.

Memes on Rising Lemon Prices in India, Did You Check?


Why is Lemon Expensive in India?

The reason behind the high lemon price in India is the poor harvesting of this citrus fruit crop in 4 states which are its highest producers. But that’s not the only reason, growing demand for the soft drink industry, fuel price hikes, and festivals have cut short the supply of lemon.

As a result, people of several parts of India such as Gujarat, Delhi, Bhopal, and Jaipur are forced to pay Rs 350-400 per kg of lemons. While it’s Rs 250 in Lucknow and Raipur. Even online groceries are selling lemons for more than Rs 240.


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