Want to invest? Lego toys are the best to gamble money, study claims

Want to invest? Lego toys are the best to gamble money, study claims: If to believe, the latest study says, no gold bars, no bonds, and no stocks either. The very new investment is Lego sets.

As per the latest research published in a paper by Russia’s Higher School of Economics, titled Lego – The Toy of Smart Investors, Lego sets have high expensive value.

The study also claims that Lego investments will exceed large stocks, bonds, gold, and other alternative investments.

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As observed, the average return is at least 11 percent in the tested period from 1987-2015.

The thematic sets produce even higher returns. Recently, Chevrolet made a full-size truck entirely out of Lego bricks.

Even though Lego returns are not revealed to market, value, momentum, and volatility risk factors, they have an approximately unit exposure to the size factor, making Lego toy an attractive alternative investment choice.

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