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Learn how to improve your emotional quotient in 6 steps

The emotional quotient of a person is directly proportional to the reaction of the person to any situation or individual. Do you remember when were you last criticized by someone? Also, do you recall how did you react over it!

In general either you quickly react to justify yourself or you listen to negative feedback & consider to improve yourself.

The latter one is something expected! Also, this implies that you have a high level of EQ.

People with higher levels of the emotional quotient are mostly successful. The reason is very simple that these people know how to react to, when and where.

Let us discuss in detail about EQ in this article. We will walk through what is the emotional quotient and how to improve emotional quotient in 6 steps.

What is Emotional Quotient?

Emotional quotient is all about emotions. It defines the potential of a person to process or understand -their own emotions – other persons’ emotions and react reasonably.

Emotional quotient level refers to how smartly you manage emotions. You can not behave completely ignorant of what others feel. Also, you cannot behave over empathetic & ignore yourself.

You must be aware that IQ ( Intelligence quotient) is all about processing facts and information to make a conclusion. EQ & IQ are not connected.

A person’s emotional quotient prominently defines how successful the person would be in his life. An individual can research a topic and understand it later. But no one can research how to react while in a particular situation.

You will feel self-motivated when you will be able to process your behavior in a particular situation. And self-motivation will lead to better results for sure.

A person with a higher EQ will possess these qualities.

  • Have a sense of self-awareness and as a result, will understand his co-workers.
  • Mostly these people don’t get offended by criticism, rather see it as a scope of self-improvement.
  • A person with high EQ is a better fit in any situation than a person with a high IQ.
  • The individual is good in self-regulation; and will react better than others with low EQ by staying calm.
  • Always improve the situation by understanding how everyone around is feeling.
  • Possesses high social skills and can lead a team efficiently.
  • Accept and embrace changes as a requirement for progress
  • It can motivate every individual effectively.

How to Improve Emotional Quotient?

In today’s time, your emotional skills matter highly and define how you think or behave. The success rate of any organization or individual is mostly dependent upon the level of emotional quotient. The reason is very clear, it helps to define deadlines and decide work to be allocated.

Now after understanding the need for a high EQ, lets finally put some light on how to improve emotional quotient in 6 steps.

1. Try to understand your level of EQ

Prior to everything, you must figure out the level of your emotional intelligence. You can go ahead to take any tests online. They will let you get insights into your emotional quotient.

This test is simple and has 40 questions. You have to select any one out of the four options.

2. Notice how you feel

Mostly in the busy schedule, we ignore how we feel. From now onwards, start observing how you feel and react in which situations. Emotions play a crucial role in individual personality development. So stop avoiding them & start recognizing to improve your behavior.

3. Question yourself & always take time to react

If something happens that you don’t like to take a deep breath, give it a thought and question yourself. You might be thinking of what to question? Try to imagine what would have made the other person react. If you are able to understand this, I am sure you will not react rudely.

In a nutshell, always try to think before reacting to any situation.

4. Take a look at your strengths & weaknesses

For this, you should opt to ask your friends & family to tell you about your strengths and weaknesses. As an individual, you might agree or disagree with them. But the best way to improve your EQ is don’t react.

If possible write down all the points and later discuss it with yourself to conclude rationally.

5. Know what could trigger you

Every individual has their own values, thoughts and life experiences. Depending upon it, the reactions vary. The best way to react smoothly is to know what could possibly provoke you. And try to stay calm in such situations.

6. Be patient during this process

It is not a sudden change, rather this is a process & you have to patiently follow every step. This is a process and you have to practice it for months and years. You are supposed to proactively include it as a natural habit to become emotionally strong.

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