Know Why “Don’t Do This Mistake On New Year” Is Trending On Twitter

Since only a few hours are left for New Year, India’s Twitter is trending with something very quirky. Did you hear about #DontDoThisMistakeOnNewYear? Yeah, you read it right. In India, a lot of people are tweeting about don’t do this one mistake but what exactly is it? Want to know? We answers for all your questions.

Who Started This Thread and What Exactly It Is?

A famous Indian spiritual leader, Jagatguru Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, tweeted today early in the morning that Intoxication turns a man into evil, and thus, one should stop consuming it. “Intoxication is not for human beings. It turns a human being into a devil.– Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj #DontDoThisMistakeOnNewYear#शराबी_बने_70जन्म_श्वान”, he tweeted.

Soon after this tweet, a lot of Twitter users used this hashtag and posted their views on the consumption of drugs and alcohol. The post has received 1.8K Retweets, 2K Likes, and 29 Quote Tweets so far, making it a new trending topic.

While some of the users tweeted that alcohol consumption leads to a painful death, others vaguely stated that intoxication is a sin. Even some of the users came up with a few irrational tweets mentioning alcohol consumption makes a person a dog in their next life. Wait, what? Yes, that’s what you read. It sounds hilarious but that’s what a lot of Indians think.

According to research, liquor consumption in India was estimated to reach about 6.5 billion liters by the end of this year. Reportedly, at July end and the start of August 100 people died in Punjab after consuming illegally made toxic alcohol. Also, according to a WHO report, almost 2.6 lakh people die every year in India due to alcohol consumption.

Liquor consumption is surely not good for health but I am not sure whether it is sinful or not. What are your views about #DontDoThisMistakeOnNewYear? 

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