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Know about this digitally rendered Mahindra SUV

Mahindra Bolero is the most common as well as demanding brand from Indian utility producers Mahindra and Mahindra. The firm has so far upgraded the SUV with new features having a twin-peak logo on many Mahindra SUVs recently. 

Not a long time ago, a new picture has been uploaded by a website named ‘betul Samachar of a digitally rendered SUV which is now purported as the new-age Bolero. 

The digitally rendered image


A report has been revealed stating that the model is only a digitally focused image kept together to give it a Bolero-inspired design, although, it has nothing to do with the real one. 

The digital artist amalgamated various bodies to give the car a more influencing look. The exact twin peaks logo was placed to give that very car a Mahindra look, although, the lights have been taken from the new Land Rover Defender SUV along with the front bumper having muscular design and sporty red insorts. 

The editor has written ‘New Bolero’ on the model’s number plate so smartly that any non-expert on the particular subject might get confused. 

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The increasing demand of Mahindra Bolero


The Mahindra Bolero has always been in high demand for more than 20 years. Also, the brand has put itself in a position of the most trusted and rugged vehicle in the Indian market. Having a spacious interior, influential engine options, and sturdy body. 

At this time, the firm is providing discounts of up to Rs 70,000 on the Bolero on its range surpassing the B6 (O) model. And flat Rs 50,000 on the SUV’s lower-spec B6 model. With new offers like these, the firm further targets to build up the exact replica of the SUV in the Indian market. 

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