KFC’s “Double Trouble” Lip Balm Is The Amazing Thing You’ll All Love

KFC Double trouble lip balm

KFC’s “Double Trouble” Lip Balm Is The Amazing Thing You’ll All Love: We think many people like a bucket of fried chicken. The crispy coating, followed by the juicy meat inside is literally the out of this world. In case, you haven’t made the connection – the lovers of KFC literally knows no bounds.

KFC Burger

Some still enjoy the lip-smacking aftertaste of the meal on their lips which is an accurate estimation of my love. So just imagine when you’ll hear the super-reliable sources that KFC is turning their newly launched sauces into a new ‘lip-smacking’ lip balm. Great?

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No, we are not gimmicking! It’s for real.

This special lip balm gives you the feeling of the best of both the world with its unique combination of flavors while keeping your lips moisturized.

The Yellow American Mustard and Red Sweet Chilli flavored lip balms give an extraordinary version to KFC’s signature lip smacking tastes.

This saucy rendition has been inspired by their new finger-licking’ Burger.

What Are Your Thoughts On This Lip Balm? Amazing!?

Our first thought? “Weird… why would people be wanting or demanding KFC, flavored lip products?”

But the more we thought about it, the more the idea stepped on us. And after a little trial by few of the people, we’re officially in love with this weird yet delicious product.

Want to taste the flavor of KFC off your lips? Then the new “Double Trouble” lip balm is all that you need in your handbag right now. And yeah, not to forget, it’s been made using all natural ingredients? And yes you heard that right!

If Ichiban did the same, Joey would’ve been so happy.


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How this fabulous idea struck the mind? Is that what you’re thinking?

Well, the wonderful chefs of KFC came up with this delicious combination of hot, sweet and saucy flavors for their upcoming burger.

Considering that these turned out to be fantastic and have been named as “Double Trouble”, this great idea later took the invention of these lip balms.

Every awesome thing is obviously available in limited edition and so are these lip balms.

This “Double Trouble” Lip Balm is waiting for you!

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