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Keratin Treatment: A Hit Or A Miss!

Who doesn’t know Meghan Markle? She is a former actress and the Duchess of Sussex who has always worn straight frizz-free hairs that every woman wants to know the secret of!

You will be surprised to know that Meghan Markle’s hairs are not straight, but they are curly and frizzy. Then how does she make her mane look so Healthy and frizz-free?

The answer is Keratin treatment.

Keratin Treatment has become very popular nowadays from celebrities to college-going students, everyone wants to try it. But is it worth trying?

Here are all the Pros and Cons you should know before trying it yourself!

What is Keratin Treatment?

This treatment uses chemicals like formaldehyde to inject keratin into the porous areas of the hair follicle to make them smooth, straight and frizz-free.

Here are some of the pros of this treatment:

It can be done for all hair types

Keratin Treatment
Via: Uncurly

Keratin Treatment can be done for all hair types and lengths as it is can be personalized by professionals according to your hair needs. It is mostly recommended for curly frizzy hairs and not for straight hairs with light frizz.

It is temporary

Keratin Treatment
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Unlike other hair treatments like hair relaxing, keratin treatment does not permanently damage your hair and is reversible. It lasts for 3-5 months depending on your post hair care routine.

Makes your hair manageable

Keratin Treatment
Via: Hollywood Life

After this treatment, your hair will be smooth, frizz-free and easy to style. You won’t need any hair products or tools to style it regularly.

Poof free ends

Poof free end hair
Via: L’Oreal Paris

When you have curly hairs, your hair gets triangular and Poofs up, but after this treatment, your hair would get de triangulated.

Your hair will have more shine

Keratin Treatment
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If you always wanted your hairs to look like those in fancy ads, then this treatment will give your hairs exactly that look. Your hair would appear shinier as keratin fills the Gap and make the light bounce off.

Reduces breakage

Stronger hair
Via: Stylecraze

Keratin reduces hair breakage and makes your hair smooth. So, in the end, you have stronger longer hair than before.

Here are some of the cons of this treatment:


If you have long hair, this treatment can prove expensive for you as one of the factors that determine the cost is the length. Also, since this procedure is reversible you will have to spend a lot again.

Post-treatment care

The post-treatment care can be a tricky part as you will have to buy separate sulfate-free hair products that are more expensive than your normal hair products.

Say No to tight bands and hair accessories

Keratin Treatment
Via: YouTube

You cannot use tight bands or do tight hairstyles after treatment as they can affect the layer of treatment.

It can make your hair look flat

If you are not blessed with a voluminous mane then this treatment isn’t the best choice for you as it will make your hair look flatter.

It cannot be done on pregnant women

Are there health risks involved with this treatment?

The formaldehyde used in this treatment is a human carcinogen! And possess a risk for both the stylist and the customer.

The short term effects include watery eyes, irritation, nausea, burning sensation, and the long term danger includes Cancer.

Many countries like Canada have banned this treatment because of side effects like allergies and due to major health risks.


Think carefully before making your choice, although it has a lot of pros the health risks that it involves cannot be ignored.

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