Kangana Ranaut’s makeup and beauty secrets go public!


    Bollywood’s Queen Kangana Ranaut always turns the heads for her glossy skin. Currently, Kananga has a busy schedule as she is engaged in shooting for her upcoming film “Mental Hai Kya”.  Kangana has not won millions of hearts by her finest acting skills but also with her style statement beauty which is so enthralling and natural.

    Here’s the answer to everyone who wants to know the beauty secret of the Queen.

    It is a dream of every girl to have a flawless and lustrous skin just like the Bollywood divas.

    Today in this section we will unveil the beauty secrets of Kangana Ranaut so that you will know what all it requires to have that radiant skin just like an actress.

    Special care for Face

    When it comes to Kangana’s face, she is very particular regarding it; she goes with moisturizing, toning every day to maintain her skin spotlessly.  She uses soap-free cleanser to keep her face clean. She believes that the oil and moisturizer of skin end when we use soap to our beautiful face and therefore she suggests everyone to use toner or moisturizer before going to sleep.

    Say No To facials

    In this modernized women’s era, they are completely dependent on facials for a vibrant skin. But let me tell you that it’s a complete no-no for Kangana as it keeps a distance with these facials. It is because of her sensitive skin, so Kangana doesn’t go for facials. Instead facials she recommends us to apply honey on our face as it gives the glow to the skin and keeps it moisturized. She makes sure that she does clean up from time to time.

    Little kit to keep with you every time

    Although the complete makeup artists go with Kangana, still she keeps lip balm and blush in her kit all the time.  She only uses concealer and blush on her face.

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    Kangana is very sensitive to her hairs. She prefers to use organic products instead of chemical one for her hairs. Time to time, she goes to a hair spa as a deep conditioning treatment and hair spa keeps your hair healthy.