Kabul Airport Blast: “Don’t Leave Us in Chaos” Rashid Khan Pleads To World Leaders

Cricketer Rashid Khan pleads for his countrymen after Kabul Airport Blast. He took to his Twitter handle to request all world leaders to help Afghanistan. “ Don’t leave us in Chaos” said the star-leg spinner in his tweet.

Kabul Airport Blast Is Deadliest Day For The World

The deadly blast took place outside the Kabul Airport on Thursday evening where two suicide bombers along with few gunmen caused the mayhem. Around 100 people including Afghan citizens and US troops have died so far. The Marine Corps injured and died in the suicide bombing have not been identified as per sources.

Taliban has not taken the responsibility for the attack saying ‘we strongly condemned the blast.’ The attack has been done by ISIS who confirmed the attack through a local news channel.

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“Will Make You Pay “ Warns Biden To ISIS

The causalities and scenes outside the Kabul Airport have moved the world forcing world leaders to take a tough stand on the Kabul bomb blast. U.S President Joe Biden has warned the attackers and said “we will hunt you down and make you pay.”

While addressing the people of the nation from the White House, President Biden urged everyone for few minutes of silence in honor of the martyrs. He further said that our military is ready to take revenge and will strike down ISIS facilities and all the assets.

“It’s Time To Unite Against Terrorism” Urges India’s UN Representative

On the other hand, a UN representative from India has strongly condemned the Kabul airport blast and expressed condolences to the kins of people killed in the attack. He further said it’s time to stand together and take firm actions against terrorism.

Since the US announced the withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban is engaging in capturing the country. Fearing death, locals, and leaders in power, journalists, interpreters, and diplomats from both Afghanistan and other countries are trying to flee as soon as possible.

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Kabul Bomb Blast Showed Importance Of Speedy Evacuation

kabul airport blast

Canada has completed its evacuation process whereas the UK has said we will continue the evacuation despite the Kabul Bomb Blast. So far, 13000 UK citizens and around 1 lakh US citizens have been evacuated from Afghanistan.

India has also sped up its evacuation mission and rescued around 800 people since 15th August.

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