Journey Of Maleesha Kharwa: From Slum Girl To The Princess Of Slum

Mumbai is a city of dreams and while many fail to accomplish their goals even after struggling hard, some become an overnight sensation. Not everyone has such strong luck and earning a name and fame in the industry where many are born with a silver spoon is nearly impossible. But some are born stars and their destiny takes them where they truly belong to. Story of Princess of Slum- Maleesha Kharwa is one of the greatest examples right now.

princess of slum

The 13-year old girl who struggles hard with her day-to-day task, right from going to school to helping her parents has got immense fame. Today she has 141k followers on Instagram and living her dreams.

Here’s the inspiring story of Maleesha that will make you believe that “No Dream is too big and No Dreamer is too small”

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Who Is Maleesha Kharwa?

The Bandra girl lives in the slum area of Mumbai with not many facilities in a tent house near the Bandra Sea. She goes to a nearby school, Pali Chimbai Municipality school and helps her father with the everyday task. The elder of all is also intelligent, studious, and vivacious. Malessha takes care of her younger brother besides studying and helping her parents.


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This sounds like a very ordinary tale of every other person of the marginal groups of society. But Malessha has seen one dream, dream of becoming a model. And her life took a U-turn when she met the Step Up- 2 star on the streets of Mumbai.

When Hoffman Met Maleesha

Hoffman came to India the shoot a music video last year that features the authentic slum areas of the city. Within few days, the lockdown was imposed and he had to stay longer. During his trip, he accidentally met Maleesha who was spotted by his friends.

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They were looking for a face that has a blend of both natural beauty and innocence. Her big eyes, wide smile, and aspiring dreams captured Hoffman’s attention. He convinced Maleesha Kharwa’s parents that she has a beautiful life ahead.


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When asked what she wants to become, she replied “ I love to dance but I want to become a model.” This is when her inner talent to flaunt fearlessly in front of the camera came out. With few pictures where she dressed in beautiful clothes with little makeup, she quickly gained lots of followers on social media.

Hoffman bought her a phone and set up social media accounts and even made a page on GoFundMe to keep supporting her dreams after he left the country.

Maleesha On The Cover Page Of Peacock Magazine

From few Instagram posts to the cover page of the Peacock magazine, the Princess of Slum quickly earned fame. It all began when the famous photographer Haider was looking for her and post her picture asking if anyone know about this young girl.


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The moment Shane and Flaguni Peacock came to know about this, they also showed interest in featuring Maleesha for their cover magazine. And the search ends with taking some beautiful shots of Princess of Slum.

Live Your Fairytale 

This is a short movie made on her life. Everyone should watch it to feel her vibrant personality, chirpy nature, and how she is living her fairytale life.


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Her journey to become the top model has just begun and today she is an influencer. Hopefully, one day she will be seen on the cover page of top magazines and will rule the fashion industry.

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