Jonas Brothers’ latest music video out, features their leading ladies               


The Jonas Brothers are again back with an all-new music track and are followed by their leading ladies.

After taking a huge break for nearly six years, the sibling trio, consists of Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas chose to surprise their fans with an all-new track ‘Sucker.’

And if the revelation of their new track was not sufficient to get the fans all excited, the brothers topped it with a cherry by releasing the music video featuring their respective wives and fiancee or, as Priyanka Chopra likes to call them, the Jonas Sisters.

The three-minute clip features Nick  Kevin, and  Joe, with their lovely leading ladies- Sophie Turner,  Danielle Jonas, and Priyanka Chopra.

The song, which greeted the boy band back to the music scene, is about being head-over-heels in their relationships. The song video features the love birds happily flocking together while oozing romance.

“I’m a sucker for you/Say the word and I’ll go anywhere blindly/Any road you take you to know that you’ll find me You’re making the typical me/Break my typical rules,” the brothers sing to their respective fiancee and wives.

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Ever since Nickyanka tied the knot in December, fans have been waiting long for their collaboration for an innovative project. When asked to comment on the same, Priyanka, last month, said there while there is no guarantee of that happening anytime soon, since they are both creative people, their “paths are bound to cross.”

The Jonas Brothers are recognized to be one of the best teenager bands of all time. However, the trio broke up in the year 2013 and started focusing on their solo musical careers. The Jonas Brothers are reuniting after an interval of six years, reported Entertainment Weekly.