Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, Stand-up comedian & his bizarre liveliness

    Jeeveshu Ahluwalia
    Credit: Grapevine Online

    In this fictitious scenario, we all know, that if we breathe today and tomorrow it’s a goodbye for us from the world how would we die, as a happy person? If we think twice with no answer in your mind popping up, then it is time to stop being spending your life and start living it- Jeeveshu Ahluwalia’s, stand-up comedian advises.

    He does not need any introduction for the brilliance in his arena. Also, popularly known as the “Salman Khan of the Fat World” and if you haven’t heard him on the stage yet, then probably you are not on this planet.

    Being nurtured in a middle –class family, he lost his father at the age of four. As per the society, Jeeveshu was right on track as he was successful at the age of 35. He was the director of a company, owned 6 apartments and 2 villas and flew business class every week. But it was not satisfying for him or we can say was not enough to be happy. He was being tired of the monotonous routine in the job, Jeeveshu finally heard his voice of what makes him or an individual more happy and calm after they turn 35. So, he was back to the drawing board, geared up all again and introduced himself as a stand-up comedian in which he is best at.

    His vivid laughter dose which brings a huge some cheerfulness on everyone’s face regardless of age. It is the best antidote to our stress.

    His brain quitter, witty and instant one-liners and freaky jokes are best to be noticed. His spectacular style of comedy is being mainly inspired by the day to day keen observations of life.

    Image Credit: Big Bad Wolf

    His charm with comedy normally swings between a classy life of a tall dark fatty guy and his failed attempts to convince his optimistic mother who always dreams to see him get married. He was among the top ten contestants for Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe. He also made his Bollywood debut from film ‘Tamasha’ starring Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor. He is also a popular face in TV commercials too, like Phillips Apollo Hospital, Comedy Central India, ICICI Prudential, Grofers and more. Comedy show ‘Gangs of Haseepur’ was his debut on Zee TV. In 2014, he was a winner of Radio Mirchi Ka King and very often he has an appearance on NDTV Prime for “The Rising Stars of Comedy”.  His comedy videos and comedy sketches have been viral on youtube.

    His frequent appearances in comedy shows have made audiences his fan, also he holds events at auditoriums, clubs, colleges and, corporate throughout the country.

    He has done over 1500 shows of different genres. He has traveled all across the globe like Philippines, Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand, Doha, Singapore. His by far journey has also seen so many ups and downs like most of us; also pretty ordinary; where all our dreams and zest are being packed up in a luggage of so many responsibilities; But the determination of his, made him stand unique and the braveness he gathered to follow his dreamland and reach the ultimate goal.