Jackie Chan, Wu Jing will work together for an action film

jackie chan and wu

Jackie Chan and Wu Jing the biggest action stars, who are coming together in the upcoming action movie titled ‘Climbers’.

As per the latest Hollywood news, the two are set to star in the epic action film which narrates the story of the first Chinese mountaineers to summit the world’s tallest peak.

Daniel Lee will direct the film, while Shanghai Film Group will produce the film.

This upcoming film will portray the real-life journey of Chinese mountaineers Wang Fuzhou, Gonpo and Qu Yinhua, who had a historic climb of Mount Everest’s North Ridge in 1960.

The Chinese team was the first that successfully climbed to the north side of Everest. The group left a small statue of Chairman Mao on the top of the summit, before returning midway down to rescue a fourth member of their team who was not able to complete the climb.

which was unable to complete the climb before returning to the middle road to save the fourth member of his team.

With Wu and Chan, two other climbers in the team will be imitated by popular young actor Jing Boran and television star Hu Ge. Actor Zhang Ziyi will also feature as a Chinese meteorologist who supports the mission.

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After the success of the Military Action Flick ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ in 2017, Woo appeared in China as a huge A-list actor, the above-mentioned film in which he wrote, directed and featured in. The film had a collection of USD 870 million and remains one of China’s biggest blockbusters of all time.

In February, Wu returned to the silver screen as the star of ‘The Wandering Earth, China’s first science-fiction blockbuster, and collected USD 655 million.

Currently, the film is being shot in China and is expected to release either on China’s patriotic National Day holiday or during Chinese New Year in 2020.

Both the stars together were last appeared in the film ‘Shaolin’ in 2011.

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