It’s Time We Look Beyond His Bad History And View Him As A Different Person!


    Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll! A womanizer, a drug addict, a star-kid gone wrong, Sanjay Dutt was everything a superstar should not be. But his evolution through the horrible experiences is inspiring!


    Before his debut in Bollywood, he lost his mother to cancer. He then started drug intakes and eventually became an addict. He said in an Interview, “There is no drug, I haven’t tried!”

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    He met the love of his life, Richa Sharma.  They got married and had a baby girl, ‘Trishalla’. Sadly, Richa died of a brain tumor. He even lost the custody of his daughter to his in-laws.

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    Another terrible phase had begun when he was charged with keeping riffles, hearing this he flew back to India, where he was arrested at the airport and was held responsible for Mumbai Blast case. And was charged with TADA (Terrorist & Disruptive Activities Act).

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    His time in jail was the most awful. He didn’t see his kids for those years he spent in jail.

    After he portrayed the Munnabhai character, people finally started accepting him.

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    Since he has served all his sentences it’s time people looked beyond his track record and view him as a different person.


    “Live your life,  Love your work, love your family it’s better than cocaine”: Sanjay Dutt.