13 Items you should “NEVER” keep in your bathroom


13 Items you should “NEVER” keep in your bathroom: Many of our daily habits relate to our daily bath or shower. Therefore, it’s no surprise that we keep all kinds of things we use every day and associate with grooming, cleaning, and maintaining our health in our bathroom.

However, the wet and warm environment in the bathroom is not that good for many of the items which we usually keep there.

It’s not surprising. But wait till you don’t know what these items are– you may need to change your entire morning routine!

These are 13 items you should avoid keeping in your bathroom.

1. Bar Soap

bar soap
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Bars of soap are often dirty, even if they are placed on a sink or soap dish. Plus, just because soap is soap, this doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be contaminated when you lift it with your dirty hands!

Go for a liquid soap dispenser, which will say bye to dirt and is also a lot more hygienic to pump out.

2. Medicine

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Due to changing temperatures and the moisture level of your bathroom, your medication is at a risk to become bad, if it’s stored at the place you shower.

The best place to keep medicines is at room temperature, the same as in the kitchen, away from the oven or the bedroom.

3. Jewelry

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If you keep your favorite glam jewelry in the bathroom after taking them off before bathing,
With that, you might damage them with the water.

Bathroom humidity can accelerate metal oxidization, which makes ornaments dull and rusty. In place of that, store them in a dry place at room temperature.

4. Toothbrush

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Expect you really want to get in particular, this rule applies only when your toilet is less than a couple of meters away from the sink.

Every time you flush the loo with the lid up, all those unpleasant particles spread into the air and settles on to your toothbrush, along with other surfaces.

Apart from this, the humidity of the bathroom means it’s easier for bacteria to breed, especially on textured surfaces such as toothbrush and loofahs.

Bacteria love dark, moist places with lots of holes, so you should change your toothbrush in every 3-4 months, and if you are cold, ASAP if you’re suffering from cold.

Therefore, it can be painful to store your toothbrush in your bedroom, it’s probably better to brush your teeth with whatever is been in your toilet. Or, a bathroom cabinet is perfectly fine!

5. Make-up

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All make-up needs to be stored at room temperature, or it will expire much faster. If this cream-based make-up like cream blush or lipstick, it can even melt if you prefer your shower extra hot.

Store all your cosmetics in the bedroom – you can invest in some acrylic containers so that everything looks all arranged!

6. Birth control pills

Birth control pills
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Like medicine, your birth control pills may become unusable due to humidity and temperature. It’s one pill that you definitely don’t want to stop working!

7. Perfume

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From this point, you might be thinking that what you can store in the bathroom beside your shower gel and shampoo! Yes, perfume should also be kept away from bad humidity and high temperature, because it will oxidize rapidly and will ruin the aroma.

8. Non-waterproof electronics

non-proof electronics
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Possibly you must be very attached to your phone, and a showering time is nothing without the songs playing from your phone. Or, if you’re old school, a radio.

However, you should only be enjoying the bathroom’s flawless acoustics (related to sound) if your bath or phone is waterproof. Yes, that humidity can ruin regular devices if they’re exposed regularly.

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9. Towels and dressing gowns or bathrobes

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It seems like the bathroom will be the only place where you will keep your towel and dressing gown, but that humidity will strike anywhere.

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Your wet towel can quickly give rise to bacteria spreading and when placed in the bathroom it often can’t dry out properly

Use the exhaust fan as fast as you can, or open a window. If you don’t have any of these, then hang your towel up somewhere in the house.

10. Books

books in bathroom
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Do you love good read in the bath? In fact, many people have this habit and with that, it stops us from reaching our phones, which is always a bad idea.

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However, humidity paper can quickly damage the paper, so if it’s your favorite book or one that is more valuable, then keep it out.

11. Nail polish

Nail polish
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Nail polish is likely to last up to two years, but if kept in the bathroom then it can be short.
Irregular temperatures will spoil them faster, so keep your colors elsewhere, even the fridge if you want them to stay for a longer period of time.

12. Extra razors

Extra razors
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Currently, the blade you are using may remain in the bathroom, as long as it’s allowed to dry in between uses.

However, if you keep the extra ones in the bathroom, they are at risk of rusting and dulling because of humidity. Put them in the cabinet or in another room instead!

13. Vitamins

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If vitamins and other supplements are properly stored, they might last for years. To have longer use of these vitamins, store them in a cool and dry place and not in the bathroom medicine locker.

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