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ISRO Launches Satellites Built by 750 Girl Students Across the Country!! See Details…

Indian Space Research Organization recently launched its smallest rocket SSLV-D2 carrying 3 satellites. The launch was conducted at 9:18 AM on Friday, Feb 10 in Sriharikota Satish Dhawan Space Center. The three satellites were launched successfully using the SSLV-D2 launch vehicle.

The EOS-07, Janus-1, and AzaadiSAT-2 satellites were carried aboard the launch vehicle, which was designed to place them in a circular orbit of 450 km. ISRO chief said “We analyzed the issues faced in SSLV-D1 and made the necessary changes. Now, the vehicle was invented very fast to make missile launches successfully.

ISRO Releases Three Satellites 

As per the reports, the three satellites were developed by 750 girl students. The three missiles launched during the event include:

Satellite Details


Antaris’ Janus-1 USA
AzaadiSAT-2 SpaceKidZ (Chennai based-startup)


The satellites SSLV offers “launch-on-demand” services for satellites weighing up to 500 kg into low Earth orbit during the 15-minute SSLV-D2 operation. The missile consists of a velocity terminal module and three solid propulsion stages.

SSLV-D2 Size

SSLV-D2 Size Specs
Diameter 2 meter
Mass Vehicle 120 tonne
Height 34 meter


ISRO Uplifts Girl Power

The Indian space association has currently launched three small satellites, out of which AzaadiSAT-2 was built by 750 girl students from around the country. The satellite weighs just 8.7 kg and the satellite was built under the supervision of Super Kidz India in Chennai.

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