Is Your Partner Afraid Of Commitments? He Might Be Having This Weird PHOBIA

The one thing in a relationship that we all somewhere want is COMMITMENT. There are times when our partner is not ready for it and there might be multiple practical reasons for it. But, if everything is right and still you are unable to commit your relationship to the next level then there might be something serious.

The commitment of relationships cannot be forceful as it requires mutual acceptance. But if your partner is suffering from a “phobia of commitments” it is better to be helpful.


You might have heard people having fear of height, water or insects but did you know that a phobia for commitment also existed?

Yes if your partner is reluctant to give you commitment he might be suffering from GAMOPHOBIA.

Reasons For Gamophobia

The fear of commitments is a real thing and yes it exists. It is better to know the reasons for this phobia and ways to overcome it. 

Bad Past Experiences:

Past Experiences

If you have experienced bad things in the past then staying away from commitments might be a reflex your partner is showing. This fear can also be known as psychological fear of attachment. 

Being Alone For A Long Time

If you have been single or staying alone for a long time there are chances that you have developed gamophobia. 

Being too Happy In Your Family

If you have been surrounded by happy people then also there are chances that you might be resisting from commitments. Because you might be stressed about the kind of bond you would want to share.

How Can You Overcome Gamophobia

Being scared of marriage or freaking out due to commitments is a normal thing. You can control these psychological fears with a little knowledge. 

Abandon Selfishness

While you are in a relationship it is important to think about your partner equally. To overcome this phobia it is important to keep your selfishness aside and focus on self confidence and suggestions.

Kick Away Negative Thoughts

Positive Thoughts

Stay away from negative thoughts as it will pull you back giving lots of anxiety and stress. Surround yourself with positive people and happy thoughts. 

Communicate Your Feelings With Your Partner


Your partner should be aware of your thoughts whether positive or negative. You should communicate well with your partner so that things can work out better and no misunderstanding makes way.

Consult An Expert


If you feel that things are getting out of hands and you are unable to reach any solution it is better to seek help from the experts. Experts know how to deal with such situations and will give tips to overcome gamophobia.

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